MHR Holiday Camps

At MHR we offer Holiday Camps throughout the year in line with school holidays. Our aim is to offer a safe yet fun environment for the children to come along and engage in planned, structured activities. We always have a minimum of two activities going on, one of which is sports based and one is arts/crafts or cooking. Each camp will have always have different activities for the children to get involved in, so that we are always bringing the excitement!

After each holiday camp we take on feedback from parents, staff and children to ensure each camp is better than the previous. Our enthusiastic staff, wide range of activities and on site facilities together create efficient holiday camps which you can rely upon for your child to have the best time out of school hours.

What is our age range for our camps?

Our age range is 4-13 years old. (Reception-Year 7).

What are our opening hours at our venues?

Our standard opening hours are 09:00am-15:30pm. This is bookable via our website.

We have the option for an early drop off at 08:30am for a fee of £2. (If you arrive at or before 08:50am you will be required to pay the £2 early drop off fee. This includes HAF bookings.)

We also have the option for a late pick up at 16:30pm. This is an additional £3.

Early drop off and late pick up can be paid for in cash on the day, you do not need to contact us to book this as long as you’ve already booked the standard day.

Packed lunch

All children will be required to bring their own packed lunch and snacks to last them throughout the day. We do ask these are healthy snacks and you limit the amount of sugar filled items.

Our staff

All our staff are fully DBS checked and we will always have a qualified first aider on site. All our staff have plenty of experience working with children and will ensure your children are always safe and having a great time.

HAF Bookings

MHR Sports Services is a proud HAF provider. HAF (Holiday Activites and Food) is a government backed scheme by the Department for Education. This allows school aged children that receive FSM (free school meals) to attend holiday camp activities free of charge, they will also receive a free meal.

Eligible HAF codes will be entitled to the following provision-
16 Days over the Summer Holidays
8 Days over Easter Holidays
4 Days over Christmas Holidays
For more information on the HAF scheme, please click here.
Or email
For any HAF Bookings please follow the following steps.

Ensure you have your HAF code ready and you have checked on our timetable section which dates you would like to book.

Open email and type as the email address and the subject as HAF Booking.

In the Email, type the following information in this order

  • Childs Name
  • HAF Code
  • DOB
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Anything we need to be aware of?
  • Permission to be in photos
  • Dates you wish your child to attend

Check that all information you have provided is correct. If the booking is for more than one child, this can be done via the same email, but you will need to fill the form out per child.

Send email and await confirmation of your places, this can take up to two working days. The HAF food menu will be sent across for you to select a meal once we confirm your place. If we do not respond within 48hrs, please email again or contact us via phone call.


Racemeadow Primary School

Chetwynd Junior School

Arnold Lodge Leamington

Stratford Preparatory School

Bird's Bush Primary School

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